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Two Doughs Delivers The Oven & Fires Up Fresh Pizzas

Two Doughs Pizza Co. is an artisanal mobile pizza caterer dedicated to crafting crusts through thick and thin, literally. The name reflects its two distinct styles of pizza dough: A sourdough thin crust that’s altogether airy, chewy, and crisp, and a Sicilian thick crust that creates a rich platform of bready indulgence.

As a roaming pizza kitchen, you might spot Two Doughs towing a full size Italian wood-fired oven on wheels, making its way to private and public events across Los Angeles. Once on site, the oven itself is a fiery spectacle, until you catch sight of a doughy disk spinning in the air and landing deftly in the hands of a Two Doughs pizza chef. In a few more swift motions, fresh ingredients are sprinkled on, and a made-to-order Neapolitan pizza slides off a wooden peel to meet its flaming destiny.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Chef Justin Turner (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Chef Justin Turner (Foodzooka)

To owner Chadwick Corcoran, this culinary performance is an evolution of passion and experience. “The art and the showmanship of it is such a fun thing, because to stretch our dough and to top it is definitely an acquired skill. You can’t just walk into it,” he described.

Chadwick’s own history with the pizza business began at the age of two when his mother opened a Numero Uno franchise, a Southern California pizza chain known for its thick crust. Though he dabbled in a real estate career as an adult, Chadwick’s lingering obsession with bread drove him back to his mom’s restaurant. Soon he was determined to develop proprietary family recipes, learning the nuances of breadmaking from other dough chefs and creating his own sourdough starters.

Nearly four years ago, Chadwick rolled out Two Doughs after developing a menu in collaboration with Chef Chris Ansari, whose broader culinary viewpoint added pizazz to Chadwick’s sourdough base. The pizza lineup has since grown to 13 thin crust and 8 thick crust options, ranging from the classics to the unconventional, each designed to spotlight fresh ingredients and bold flavors.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Pizza made to order (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Pizza made to order (Foodzooka)

Among the thin crusts, the Pesto Fen draws your eye to its green sauce while your mouth waters for its housemade fennel sausage. On the Fungi, fragrant roasted mushrooms get caramelized in the brick oven to lock in the flavors. Garlic oil, extracted from a housemade garlic confit, often serves as a base instead of tomato sauce for the Fungi and other pizzas, such as the Frenchie and Carbonara.

The Sweet and Spicy will give your mouth whiplash with its memorable contrast of Calabrian chili oil and honey with calabrese salami. “It’s very simple, but it’s been one of our top sellers,” Chadwick noted. Specialty meat toppings such as the calabrese salami, soppressata, pepperoni, and guanciale, are sourced locally from Norwalk. They crisp up in the oven and sizzle when served.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Sweet and Spicy (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Sweet and Spicy (Foodzooka)

Two Doughs also goes hog wild to make its Hawaii Jim pizza. Rather than traditional ham, the pizza is topped with tender braised pork and accessorized with pineapple and a Hawaiian barbeque sauce specially made with the juices from the pork.

And as a shoutout to Southern California, Two Doughs gives its Street Za some local flair, putting elote and taco ingredients on a pizza crust. It’s topped with tomatillo verde salsa, roasted corn, carnitas (slow roasted for 12 hours), and creme fraiche—all housemade by Two Doughs—and finished with cilantro, cotija cheese, and mozzarella.

“It’s one of those off-the-wall ideas that make you think, ‘Is that going to be good?’ And sure enough, you’re like whoa!” said Chadwick.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Street Za (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Street Za (Foodzooka)

For regular events, Two Doughs offers 6 or 7 thin crust flavors to balance menu variety with cooking speed. The chefs work the oven like blacksmiths, using wide, flat paddles to scoop the pies and manually rotate the pizza dangerously close to the fire. As flames crawl up along the low roof of the oven, ingredients are carmelized and singed, but not burnt. The size of the oven and the extreme 900° heat generated by burning hardwood not only bakes several pizzas in a few short minutes, but also influences their taste.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Mobile woodfire oven (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Mobile woodfire oven (Foodzooka)

“Because of the type of flour that we use and because of our natural leavened technique and process of making the bread, it pops in really high heat. It creates some of this leoparding and bubble blisters, which to us, contributes to the flavor,” Chadwick explained.

As he geeks out over the details of Two Doughs pizzamaking, it becomes clear that Chadwick is mindful of every step, from the wild yeast starter culture to the final look, taste and texture of the pie.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Owner Chadwick Corcoran (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Owner Chadwick Corcoran (Foodzooka)

“We’re such bread nerds,” he said. “If we do it properly, the crumb of the bread creates these gluten fibers that are kind of like webbing. And because our dough is like higher hydration bread, we can create some of this airy webbing with the bread. It produces that chewy center, crunchy outside, and that delicious table bread feel.”

For the thick crust pizzas, Two Doughs takes an entirely different approach. Building from his familiarity with the Sicilian thick crust pizza made at his mother’s franchise, Chadwick reworked the process to use natural leaven and incorporate more bread techniques, producing a rich, wholesome crust that takes 8 hours to make. “People rave about that one when we bring it out,” said Chadwick.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. (courtesy) - Sicilian thick crust pizza
Two Doughs Pizza Co. (courtesy) – Sicilian thick crust pizza

Because the thick crust pizzas require so much time and planning, they’re largely made for private catered events or special occasions, at least until a crew settles into an upcoming restaurant location in Agoura Hills. With an anticipated opening in Spring 2020, Chef Justin Turner is poised to orchestrate the full Two Doughs menu of appetizers, salads, pastas, and desserts.

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Chef Justin Turner carries the lineup (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Chef Justin Turner carries the lineup (Foodzooka)

“Justin should really take the mobile catering operation and future restaurant to new heights,” said Chadwick. “We’ve been doing some really amazing vegetables—roasted broccolini and wood roasted artichokes. We’re working on some porchettas and other proteins. We’re really excited to see the future and up our game in this culinary art experience.”

Two Doughs Pizza Co. - Santa Monica Brew Works Pop-up (Foodzooka)
Two Doughs Pizza Co. – Santa Monica Brew Works Pop-up (Foodzooka)

Until the restaurant opens, you can get a taste of Two Doughs at several regular venues. From Thursday through Sunday, one of their mobile kitchens holds a residency at Malibu Wines & Beer Garden in West Hills. On the westside, Two Doughs also caters tours of the Malibu Wine Safari on the weekends, and they spend a Friday evening stationed at Santa Monica Brew Works twice a month. For details, click their Foodzooka profile below to find the events calendar on the Two Doughs website and follow them on social media.

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