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About Foodzooka

Even if you’re not a foodie, you likely enjoy eating well enough to be a food fan! Based in Los Angeles, Foodzooka is out feed your fanaticism for flavors from local food purveyors. Here you’ll find three simple ways to have a blast getting to know LA food.  

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Stories & Profiles of L.A. Tastemakers

A lot of hard work goes into making food to please a plethora of personal tastes. Read about local tastemakers inspired by diverse flavors and cultures who try to capture an LA experience for your tastebuds.

Gourmet Romano - Pinsa dough (Foodzooka)
LA City Hall Farmers Market (courtesy) - Foodzooka


Don’t get out much? Peruse our food purveyor profiles to see what we’ve found near you. We confess, we haven’t found everything, so get out there for yourself to track down the trends and uncover hidden gems! Restaurants, artisans, food trucks, specialty shops and farmers markets are everywhere across LA, so you're sure to find flavors to fulfill every craving.


DUH! The only actual way to experience LA food is to try as much as your appetite possibly can take. Take time to savor something different whenever you can, even if you're making your own meals. Don't worry if you can't try everything at once, you'll get hungry again soon enough!

Sconeage Bakery - Granola (Foodzooka)