last updated July 15, 2018

Get to know Achadinha Cheese Company

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Achadinha Cheese Company is owned by Jim and Donna Pacheco of Pacheco Family Dairy. Established in 1955 in Bodega Bay then relocated to Petaluma in 1969 by Jim's father. Jim and Donna reside on the ranch with their four children to carry on his family legacy.

In 1997, Jim and Donna sold their cows and bought dairy goats. They now have close to 1600 goats. The girls are able to eat pasture all year long on 290 acres and eat all of the brewer’s grain from the local breweries they want. When it rains and they refuse to go out, then they are supplemented with alfalfa hay. Along with the goats, Jim and Donna have dogs, horses, beef cows, pigs, sheep, chicken.

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Better Try The Butter From Achadinha Cheese Co.

Foodzooka Splat – FEB 20, 2018

This may sound cheesy, but something tasty is spreading across local farmers markets. For the last six months, Achadinha Cheese Company has been churning out a blend of butter that begs the question posed on their sandwich board, “Who doesn’t ❤ butter?”